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1 March 2020
The ISAT 2020 conference is canceled due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

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Chair of Computer Science
Wrocław University of Technology
Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27
50-370 Wrocław

Preffered contact via e-mail.



Not available (ISAT 2020 is canceled due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic)


The purpose of the ISAT is to discuss a state-of-art of information systems concepts and applications as well as architectures and technologies supporting contemporary information systems. The aim is also to consider an impact of knowledge, information, computing and communication technologies on managing of the organization scope of functionality as well as on enterprise information systems design, implementation and maintenance processes taking into account various methodological, technological and technical aspects. It is also devoted to information systems concepts and applications supporting exchange of goods and services by using different business models and exploiting opportunities offered by Internet-based electronic business and commerce solutions.

ISAT is a forum for specific disciplinary research, as well as on multi-disciplinary studies to present original contributions and to discuss different subjects of today's information systems planning, designing, development and implementation.

The event is addressed to the scientific community, people involved in variety of topics related to information, management, computer and communication systems, and people involved in the development of business information systems and business computer applications. ISAT is also devoted as a form for presentation of scientific contributions prepared by MSc. and Ph.D. students. Business, Commercial and Industry participants are welcome.

Topics can include, but are not limited to the following research and development tracks in Computer and Management Sciences:

  • Computer science oriented
  • Artificial Intelligence Methods
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing and High Performance Computing
  • Computer Network Architectures
  • Computer Systems Security
  • Distributed Computer Systems
  • E-Business Systems
  • Human-Computer Interface
  • Internet of Things
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • Mobile Systems
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Quality of Service
  • Service Oriented Systems
  • Systems Analysis and Modeling
  • Web Design, Optimization and Performance
  • Management science oriented
  • Knowledge Based Management
  • Market Behavior and Efficiency
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Modeling of Financial and Investment Decisions
  • Modeling of Managerial Decisions
  • Portfolio Management and Performance Evaluation
  • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Production System Organization
  • Production Systems Management and Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Reliability and Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Small Business Management
  • Software Tools for Production
  • Theories and Models of Innovation
  • Value Based Management